D3 Training Is Good For Humans and Dogs

Although often we think of D3 as a vitamin, this blog refers to D3 as an acronym for a special therapeutic tool to lower anxiety and improve mood through the Dog Mindfulness program. The Dog mindfulness program that I developed is based upon principles of neuroscience cognitive evidence-based interventions combined with mindfulness techniques which have been shown in the research to...[ read more ]

Puppy Steps in the Dog Mindfulness Program

When we think of baby (puppy) steps, we think about taking little steps. The hope is that baby steps will help us develop a capacity to bear experiences of joy, fear, anger, love, and have a higher resolution of consciousness. Learning techniques of mindfulness a little at a time gives us more opportunity to practice and reinforce behaviors to incorporate...[ read more ]

Sleep Like a Puppy With the Dog Mindfulness Program

Many of us wish we could sleep like a baby or, in this case, sleep like a puppy in these stressful times. “Sleep is emerging as the latest casualty of the COVID-19 crisis. Too many sleepless nights can aggravate both physical and mental health problems, but a few simple adjustments to our already altered routines may resolve our bedtime issues...[ read more ]

10 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety and Depression

Back in 2016, I wrote that “Anxiety is like hanging from a skyscraper. Depression feels like you already falling and hit bottom. Anxiety can drive a depressive episode. Give someone enough worries, and depression will slip into a person’s psyche.” As the coronavirus is spreading so is anxiety and its sidekick, depression, but the importance of managing anxiety to ward...[ read more ]

Smells Trigger Emotions: how to make scents in the Dog Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness asks us to ground ourselves by tuning into our five senses. The four senses of seeing, hearing, touching, and tasting are first processed in the frontal lobe of the brain. They are responsible for higher-level mental processes. Smells, however, are much more likely to quickly trigger emotional responses than any other of the senses because smell is first processed...[ read more ]

Why Howling at 8 pm is an Effective Tool for Coping with Isolation

As we all try to follow the important health guidelines from leaders for social distancing, what is the long-term impact of engaging in this behavior on our mental health? That is a question that is hard to answer. What we do know is the incredible stress associated with being isolated and what prolonged stress can do to our psychological well-being....[ read more ]

Puppies and Human Minds Chew on Everything

What do puppies and human brains have in common?  Well, they both like to chew on things. Our human brain likes to grab, chew and sometimes not let go of thoughts much like a puppy does as it grabs, chews and not let go of a stuffed animal toy. Years ago I recall, when we first got our puppy all...[ read more ]

Acceptance of Mistakes in Dog Mindfulness

Dogs teach us how to accept our mistakes without being so hard on ourselves with self-criticism. Nothing is really a mistake because it is where it has taken you to this point in time. It has made you who you are today.  So many times we harbor and dwell over past mistakes. The voices in our head tell us what...[ read more ]

Table Fed Dog Mindfulness

Honey, my beloved Golden Labrador was one of those table fed dogs. I remember everyone kept telling me to not start giving the dog table food and especially not from the table. Well, that didn’t happen. I started giving Honey a few snacks from the table, which inevitably lead to more food and eventually making up almost an entire second...[ read more ]

Pleasant Events Calendar in Dog Mindfulness

With the new year here it’s a good idea to start it out on the right paw!  So let’s see how we can on a daily basis learn how to be cued into mindfulness by observing our furry friend. We will start with a Pleasant Events Calendar or Log, which is used in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Techniques (MBCT).  We will apply...[ read more ]

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