Dog Mindfulness Program

Dog Mindfulness Program

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The Dog Mindfulness Program borrows from the Anxiety Reduction Program incorporating neuroscience and mindfulness. The goal of the Dog Mindfulness Program is to help you be less reactive to stress and to reduce both worry and anxiety in participation with your dog.

Through a series of daily exercises with your dog, you will learn anxiety reduction techniques that are tailored to cue you into positive behaviors and mindfulness.  Your dog becomes conduit for you to learn and rehearse the given techniques.  Dr. Cathy’s friendly interactive approach and the specially designed exercises really help people feel comfortable while acquiring the tools introduced in an enjoyable, easy, and effective way for you to learn how to manage your anxiety.

The Dog Mindfulness Program is an 8-week online program. The online sessions are 50 minutes in length. Each online session is with Dr. Cathy through video conferencing.


How does this work with my dog(s)?

At your scheduled time bring your dog to in front of your computer and start the video conferencing. Dr. Cathy wants to meet your dog. Please realize that the exercises you learn for anxiety reduction during video conferencing will be practiced with your dog after the sessions.

The research in neuroscience purports that repeating a thought strengthens the neural circuitry of that thought.   Neurons that fire together wire together which means that you will be more apt to think or focus upon a positive event the more that you rehearse it.

So much of our day in these current times we are distracted with negativity, stress and worry.  For example, a pleasant event that your dog does can cue you into other pleasant events that you begin to notice in your own life. Dogs have a way of doing that. In this program, these exercises are practiced to retrain your brain in a positive way. Dogs are good trainers!

Although both neuroscience techniques and MBCT have been used in traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Cathy has modified the techniques to best fit the general population using this  interactive online service.
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