Pleasant Events Calendar in Dog Mindfulness

With the new year here it’s a good idea to start it out on the right paw!  So let’s see how we can on a daily basis learn how to be cued into mindfulness by observing our furry friend.

We will start with a Pleasant Events Calendar or Log, which is used in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Techniques (MBCT).  We will apply some of this technique to Dog Mindfulness.  In the Dog Mindfulness Pleasant Events Calendar, you need to log in on a daily basis at least one pleasant event or a behavior that you observed in your dog that made you feel good in some way.  It could be something funny or silly that you observed your dog doing that brought a smile to your face or it could be as simple as the way that your dog looked at you with admiration. Write this pleasant event down on a calendar or record this on your phone.  Review this pleasant event three times a day.  Sometimes it is helpful to do this before your meal so you don’t forget.  The next day record another pleasant event and review.  Do this for a month and notice any change in your thinking and emotions.

Reviewing the pleasant event is very important because the research in neuroscience purports that repeating a thought strengthens the neurocircuitry of that thought.   Neurons that fire together wire together which means that you will be more apt to think or focus upon a positive event the more that you rehearse it.

So much of our day in these current times we are distracted with negativity, stress, and worry.  A pleasant event that your dog does can cue you into other pleasant events that you begin to notice in your own life. It just may retrain your brain in a positive way. Dogs have a way of doing that. They are good trainers, paws down!  Happy New Year.

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