Table Fed Dog Mindfulness

Honey, my beloved Golden Labrador was one of those table fed dogs. I remember everyone kept telling me to not start giving the dog table food and especially not from the table. Well, that didn’t happen. I started giving Honey a few snacks from the table, which inevitably lead to more food and eventually making up almost an entire second meal. So I thought I would cut down her portions of kibble food with an automatic food dispenser. Honey figured out how to knock the dispenser with her nose so more food would come out of it. It was like a kid trying to get more gumballs out of the gumball machine by shaking it.

One morning I was getting ready for work and I heard a loud crash. I ran down the stairs to discover that Honey had knocked the whole dispenser over. The lid came off with about a quart of dog kibble rolling across the floor. Honey was quickly devouring it like she hadn’t been fed for days on end and we know that isn’t the case.

At first, I responded with a shout of, “Stop!”  But then I broke out into laughter, ran over and gave her a hug. It was comical to think about how dogs outsmart their owners and have a way of training us.  At that moment I realized I came out of my regular morning routine, with my busy mind in autopilot, to laugh and love my dog.

Mindfulness teaches us to savor the moment and accept it as it is.  Mindfulness can shift your mood and give you a different perspective on a negative experience.

The next time you’re eating at the table and you are looking at your dog, remind yourself to say, “Table fed dog mindfulness” meaning, bringing in awareness and being in the moment, which may open a space for a positive experience.  Also, mindfulness teaches being nonjudgmental of dog owners who choose to feed their dogs from the table.  Four paws up!

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